• Live chat for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kazakhstan
(Treat your customers well. Be always awailable. Live chat is whole new experience for your business.)
• Customization of chat windows on websites
(Ask your customers if they need help while being on the website. The best way to keep interaction is throught chat windows.)
• Before and after chat surveys
(You can always improve your service. Having the right tools for it will take your business further.)
• Mobile optimization of chat windows
(We are chatting on mobile. Use this platform and bring live chat on small formats. Just let us know and all the rest is on us.)
• Live chat analytics and reporting
(It is always about the numbers. Follow your progress and make decisions based on live chat reporting. It can be very stimulative.)
• Full techincal support
(We can give you a full technical support. We are here to solve the issue that might occur. Trust us.)
• Monitoring customer flow on websites
(We can follow customers on website, but only for a good use. Show them directions and bring them to the right place. If customer is on the right path, he will not loose interest and leave. Keep that in mind.)
• Chat/visitor recording
(Voice is powerful. Whenever you want have the full insight to the customer questions and live chat answers.)